AFL iPhone and iPad App Falls Short Again

by James Duthie on April 3, 2012

A couple of months ago I did an interview with the guys at SEN regarding sports apps. At the time, the AFL was clearly lagging behind the standard set by the Australian Open tennis and Cricket Australia. But with the new season approaching the AFL had an ace up their sleeve – their new broadcast agreement brought with it the live broadcast of all games to mobile devices. I loved the concept! Suddenly I had every game available at my fingertips. So I was quick to jump on the AFL's $50 season subscription. However I was also somewhat apprehensive given the AFL's clumsy attempts at mobile in the past. And based on my first experiences with the app over the weekend, that skepticism was unfortunately very well placed..

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Yes Traditional Agencies Can Do Digital

by James Duthie on February 20, 2012

It’s been a while since I teed off. But every now and then you read an article so blatantly wrong you feel compelled to respond. That moment came for me last week when I read an opinion piece on Mumbrella declaring that “Australia’s traditional agencies can’t manage to put out anything remotely passable as digital work”. Which is quite possibly the most ill-informed opinion I’ve heard this year. But rather than relying on sweeping generalisations to support my claim, I’ll respond in the manner appropriate of a strategist – with insights and data.

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Sports App Interview With SEN Radio

by James Duthie on January 26, 2012

Earlier in the week the guys at SEN Sports Radio asked me to come on the show and talk about Sports Apps. Which of course I was happy to do given my love of everything sport. In the interview we chatted about some of the better apps in the Australian market including recent apps developed by Cricket Australia and the Australian Open Tennis. I also discussed why I thought the AFL's app from last year was a disappointment. To listen to the interview, just click on the link below.

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5 Awesome Digital Campaigns for Christmas

by James Duthie on December 5, 2011

Perhaps the most exciting trend in digital marketing right now (in my opinion at least) is the convergence of digital content into real world experiences. For a long time, Augmented Reality and QR Codes have promised so much, yet delivered very little from a practical perspective. But it seems times are changing, because a bunch of ingenious campaigns have emerged this Christmas that utilise the technology in a brilliant manner. Whether it's the Christmas spirit or not, it seems marketers are now beginning to grasp how to use digital content to supplement real world experiences. Let's take a look at a couple of the best campaigns over the last month or so…

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The Great Mobile Payment Land Grab

November 8, 2011

Tweet Forget Facebook vs Google+. There's another war being waged on the web right now that makes for far better viewing. It's the war to claim the mobile payment space. Yes… payments. It may not sound like the sexiest of battles, but there's some serious innovation at the moment from some of the digital industry's […]

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My name’s James and I’m addicted to…

October 3, 2011

Tweet Ahoy there. It's been a while between drinks. But I have finally got my ass in to gear and written another post. And it may just be my bravest yet. It's a confession you see. And one that I'm not proud of. But to find out what it is you'll have to head on […]

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How to create truly sharable content

August 15, 2011

Tweet Making content sharable and creating sharable content are two very distinct skills. Of course, installing social plugins (such as a Facebook Like button) is the easy part. It takes almost no technical skill, as is evident considering even I've been able to manage it. But actually getting people to click those buttons and share […]

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MCG launches an iPhone app

August 1, 2011

Tweet I rarely plug internal projects on my personal blog as I think it can come across as a little vain. But as an avid sports nut who has written about digital sports marketing many times in the past (and rambles on constantly about AFL on Twitter), I think this one's probably relevant. Next Digital […]

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A lesson in viral marketing

July 18, 2011

Tweet I must say, when a client tells me that they want to create a viral campaign, my first reaction is to cringe. Viral marketing is an incredibly risky proposition, and for every hit there tends to be 99 misses. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good viral campaign when I see it, […]

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Secrets of the world’s top tech companies

July 11, 2011

Tweet You may not have known it, but a momentous day occured last week. It was Tell the Truth day of course. And to celebrate it, I had a little light hearted fun by exploring the secrets the world's top tech companies might be forced to reveal if they were to participate. Check out 'The […]

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